A practitioner who has registered with the MDC may submit his application for a practising certificate using the prescribed Form 8 in the Dental Regulations 1976, pay the requisite fees and will then be issued with an Annual Practising Certificate (APC). Practitioners in the government sector are exempt from payment.

The APC must be renewed each year, and applications for APCs for the following year must reach the MDC before 1 December of the current year. The fee is RM 50.00 per practicing address. Late applications incur an additional penalty of RM50.00 per application (Regulation 23 of the Dental Act 1971). Payment can be made manually or online.

For manual payment : Postal Order or Bank Draft made out to the “Pendaftar Pengamal Pergigian”. Cash and personal cheques are not accepted.

For online payment : Via myBayar provided by the myGovernment Portal. Details

Dental practitioners are required to have a separate APC for each premise of practice and are required to exhibit the APC at each premise (Section 29 of the Dental Act 1971).


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Last Update: 26th April 2019

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