The Malaysian Dental Council (MDC) is composed of dental surgeons from around the country, and its President is the Director-General of Health, Malaysia. A senior officer in the Ministry of Health is appointed by the President as Secretary of the Council. The following is the composition of the MDC.



The President

Section 3(1)(a)

Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham bin Abdullah

Director-General of Health Malaysia


The Registrar

Section 3(1)(b)

Datuk Dr. Noor Aliyah bt Ismail


Section 3(1)(e)

Prof. Emeritus Dato' Dr. Wan Mohamad Nasir bin Wan Othman

Dr. Iswan Zuraidi bin Zainol

Prof Dr. Allan Pau Kah Heng

Prof. Dr. Adam bin Husein

Prof Dr. Noor Hayaty binti Abu Kasim

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim bin Abu Hassan

* Six (6) dental surgeons from among the staff of the dental faculties of institutions of higher learning - appointed by the Minister of Health


Section 3(1)(ea)

Dr. Ng Woan Tyng

Dr. Nomah binti Taharim

Dr. Noormi binti Othman

Dr. Syed Iqbal bin Syed Husman

Brig. Gen. (Dr.) Zulkifli bin Zainal Abidin


* Six (6) dental surgeons - appointed by the Minister of Health


Section 3(1)(f)

Datuk Dr. Khairiyah binti Abdul Muttalib

Prof. Dato' Dr. Ishak bin Abdul Razak

Dato' Prof. Emeritus Dr. Hashim bin Yaacob

Prof. Dr. Rosnah binti Mohd Zain

Prof. Dr. Rahimah binti Abdul Kadir

Dr. Firdaus bin Hanapiah

* Six (6) dental surgeons resident in Peninsular Malaysia - elected


Section 3(1)(g)

Dr. Ho Tze Hok

* One (1) dental surgeon resident in Sabah - elected


Section 3(1)(h)

Dr. Nurshaline Pauline bt Hj Kipli

* One (1) dental surgeon resident in Sarawak - elected



Dr. Sofiah bt Mat Ripen


Status of membership as at 3th May 2017

Malaysian Dental Council (MDC) :: Majlis Pergigian Malaysia (MPM)