The Malaysian Dental Council has the right under the Dental Act 1971 to take action against unethical and unprofessional behaviour of any dental professionals registered with the MDC. Any genuine complaint received pertaining to these matters will be considered by the MDC. Action will be taken on any practitioner who are found guilty. Action may vary from advice/warning letter or suspension from practice to the removal of their name from the Register. We however, do not award any sort of compensation to either party. Complainants must first contact us with the details of the complaint using the Complaint Form or e-Complaint. Only complaints received with complete details will be forwarded to the Director General of Health for his direction. The complaint will then be forwarded to the Preliminary Investigation Committee (PIC) for further action. The duty of the PIC is to gather information from both parties and give their recommendation to the MDC.


Tarikh Kemaskini: 21 Mac 2012

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